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Random Dork Musings

Sometimes we have thoughts that we reflect on. Sometimes we even go so far as to commit them to paper. That's basically this, and exactly what it says: Random Dork Musings! Interesting things? Well, probably not. But sometimes, you know, you just have to publish what it is that makes The Matrix such a good movie. If you think it is, which... unfortunately, I do not. Titanic, though!

One thing it is not, though, is a blog. Not at all. We hate blogs, because "blog" is a stupid word. It sounds like how you feel when you've got a cold and your cat has slept on the air outflow port of your PC tower until your mainboard overheated and melted down into slag. It may kind of resemble a blog in purpose, but consider this: you can't comment on anything I write! Haha! it doesn't have a trendy name and I don't expect to be invited to the Democratic convention.


That's all, folks. 16/07/08
Six of one, half a dozen of the other... 09/06/08
Logical song (3/3) (5 comments) 22/05/08
Logical song (2/3) (3 comments) 21/05/08
Logical song (1/3) (2 comments) 20/05/08
Whine-tasting party 01/05/08
Big picture (5 comments) 21/04/08
Collies purchase lunch 15/04/08
Time flies when you're having fun 09/04/08
Farrago! 31/03/08
Making the most of your PC (2 comments) 25/03/08
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Me Tarzan. Me also Jane. 04/03/08
National Geographic Special Part Five (2 comments) 29/02/08
National Geographic Special Part Four 28/02/08
National Geographic Special Part Three 27/02/08
National Geographic Special Part Two 26/02/08
National Geographic Special Part One (2 comments) 25/02/08
Intermission (1 comment) 18/02/08
Hotlanta, debrief one 17/02/08
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Rock the vote (2 comments) 11/02/08
Numbers game 06/02/08
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Who are you? 28/01/08
Weatherman 25/01/08
Winning formula! 25/01/08
I do have an update planned 18/01/08
Red pill? 10/01/08
You open the RDM... 08/01/08
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Digital rights mismanagement 29/11/07
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Fur trapping 26/11/07
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Breakfast! 06/10/07
Vroom! 25/09/07
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Sometimes you get distracted 10/09/07
Looking up. 08/09/07
Restlessness, it's a wonderful thing. 06/09/07
But I just paid you! 03/09/07
Yeah, yeah, yeah. 02/09/07
Dispatches from the front! 01/09/07
Memory for sale! 31/08/07
Oh, Saitek. You cads! 30/08/07
P shooter 29/08/07
I have given unto you your god 28/08/07
Man, I miss CU 27/08/07
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JavaScript 16/08/07
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Wikipedia 13/08/07
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Yay Vista! 10/08/07
Christ, I love computers. 09/08/07
Well, it's done. 09/08/07