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Alex Knows Jack -- Reviews

If you're like me and you find yourself buying a lot of reviewable things--computer software, movies, music, etc--then you, like me, often find yourself getting pissed off. Why? Because reviewers are, let's face it, just plain untrustworthy. You never know whether or not they might--just might--be getting kickbacks under the table, and even if they're not, well, you also never know whether they had to buy the product, or whether the company in question gifted it to them.

Now, I'm just an average guy (ha, ha!) and here enters my style of review. I promise you two things:

  • I will have purchased what I review with my own money
  • I will not have any idea what I'm talking about

I mean, you know how boring it can be when a reviewer appears to actually know something about, say, wine (especially when they're not a wine reviewer!). You want somebody like you (or, well, like me)! Somebody who stares blankly at the vast array of products in Wal-Mart before stumbling across the aisle to fetch one, drooling on the cashier at the check-out.

Ok, maybe not that screwed up. But enough of the intro: here are some reviews. Am I trustworthy? Well, I trust me. And that means you should too! (:

Battlefield 2 (game) 08/08/07 4/5
Civilization IV (game) 08/08/07 2/5
Crysis (game) 02/12/07 4/5
Excremental Intermission (music) 09/08/07 5/5
Galactic Civilizations 2 (game) 14/08/07 5/5
Il2 1946 (game) 09/08/07 5/5
Lock On: Modern Air Combat (game) 23/08/07 3/5
Rainbow Six Vegas (game) 09/08/07 3/5
Rise of Nations (game) 08/08/07 5/5
Supreme Commander (game) 11/04/08 3/5
TrackIR 4 (other) 28/08/07 5/5
Windows Vista (other) 10/08/07 5/5